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Can I Use Loctite on Plastic? | Pro Tips

When it comes to using bonding agents on plastics, there are a few things you need to know. First, there are many different types of products available that can be used on plastic and other materials. Second, each products has its strengths and weaknesses regarding a particular application.

If you want your bond to last longer than just a few days, and to not damage your RC car, then follow our expert tips below!

Why Loctite Isn’t Your Best Option

While Loctite has many uses, it’s not the best option for adhering metal screws to plastic. The main reason is that you risk damaging your plastic substrate because Loctite, even Blue Loctite, is a strong compound that fumes and degrades the surrounding plastic rather quickly.

Many hobbyist go with the weaker blue version thinking they are safe, only to realize that it still causes a level of brittleness to the plastic, and can wreak havoc on chassis.

Other Available Options Besides Loctite

Luckily, there are other reputable and reliable alternatives available that were designed specifically for RC cars and other hobby products such as drones. Let’s explore some of these options, and save you some serious headaches in the process!

  1. ProTek RC Blue Thread Lock

ProTek RC Blue Thread Lock is specifically designed for bonding plastic, metal, and rubber components commonly found in RC cars and other hobby models. This adhesive offers high resistance to vibration, which is essential for maintaining the durability and performance of your RC car. ProTek thread lock ensures that you achieve the desired bond without the risk of damaging your plastic parts.

  1. Team Associated Blue ThreadLock

Team Associated Blue ThreadLock is another excellent adhesive for use on plastic components. This adhesive is particularly suitable for securing screws and other small parts in your RC car, ensuring that they stay in place during high-speed runs and rough terrains. When it comes to Nitro racing, this is probably the most popular lock adhesive, which is a testament to its ability to withstand the constant vibration of Nitro powered RC cars.


When it comes to securing metal screws into a plastic housing, Loctite is not the best option out there. While it can be used on some plastic substrates, it’s important to understand the limitations of this adhesive and the potential risks involved.

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